Author/Writer Historical Fiction Book

We live on a small acreage just south of Maryville, Missouri.

Finally I am an author/writer of historical fiction and nonfiction books!

I am a 74 year old man soon to celebrate 53 years married to the same woman. Which is more a testimony, I must say, to her patience than anything I've done. We have three wonderful children, twin boys and a lovely daughter . . . all married with families of their own. Of course, our eight grandchildren are all truly special to us.

 Since retirement from teaching at Northwest Missouri State University, I have spent much of my winter time researching and writing a historical novel, Died Innocent, which this website is here to introduce. It is a fictionalized account of a sensational 19th century murder, which took place not too far from where I currently live. For years I drove by a little cemetery that called to me. Upon retirement, I finally had time to pursue the intriguing story that for so long had piqued my curiosity. 

Don Nothstine . . . family man, retired marketing professor, aspiring author, biker, runner, golfer, former goat farmer, and . . . St. Louis Cardinal fan!